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You have entered the official website of Air Chrony, the world's leading manufacturer of ballistic chronographs. We are a direct manufacturer of Air Chrony ballistic chronographs, including accessories, and we are delighted that you have chosen our products for speed measurement. We believe that you will be fully satisfied with our products and at the same time we will be pleased to offer you the products of our new Tactical EVO product line.

Thank you for your purchase and have a nice day.

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Ballistischer Air Chrony MK1

Ballistischer Air Chrony MK1

A new review of our ballistic chronograph Air Chrony has been published on the web portal, which deals with shooting from air weapons. We believe that you will be interested and we hereby publish it with the permission of the author.This time it is an extraordinary straightening of the chronograph Air Chrony MK1 and his younger brother Air Chrony MK3.How the comparison turned out for yourself.
Weltmeisterschaft 2019 in Polen

Weltmeisterschaft 2019 in Polen

From 22 to 23 June 2019, the HFT World Championship 2019 was held in Poland near Kaleta. It was a very well organized event, the true culmination of the whole year, attended by a large group of shooters from the Czech Republic and certainly did not get lost. We won several medals individually and placed second in the competition of national representations, with only 3 points missing for gold. And what more?
Chronograph Air Chrony MK3

Chronograph Air Chrony MK3

In the Czech Republic is energy of air gun pellet limited to 16 Joule by the law. This fact has been reflected by HFT rules as well, so any shooter whose air gun exceeds that limit may be disqualified from the competition. It would be also unfair towards other competitors to shoot with higher power because it would give the shooter an advantage of more favorable ballistic curve, so he/she would be able to accept larger errors in both wind and distance assessments.


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