Schießen Chronographen

Ballistic chronographs, or if you want shooting chronographs, are a necessary tool for any shooter who thinks about shooting at least a little seriously. Why? Mainly because if we always want to hit the same place in the target, ie hit the target, we need to ensure that the projectile always leaves the barrel at the same and optimal speed.

This means that it is necessary to be able to measure the speed of the projectile and then, based on the measurements found, optimize the setting of the weapon or, in the case of firearms, ammunition.

The Chronograph Air Chrony is designed to measure speeds of up to 2000 m/s and is a chronograph that will serve you 100% for many years. An important fact is that the Air Chrony MK3 has been the official chronograph of leading world and regional shooting competitions for several years.

Air Chrony MK3 is the official measuring device of the world shooting organization WHFTO, a partner of the Czech Biathlon Association and the official measuring device for the World Championships and the European Championships since 2016.

The product is manufactured in the Czech Republic.

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