Diabolo JSB

JSB diabolo is a leading manufacturer of top pellets known all over the world. You can buy pellets from JSB at any e-shop, so why shop with us?

The answer is easy …

Air Chrony is a long-term partner of JSB diabolo and we ourselves are competitive shooters who have achieved very good shooting results for a long time (2nd place 2019 World Championship, 2nd place 2018 World Championship, 1st place European Championship 2017, 2nd place European Championship 2016 and many more).

We personally select the pellets we shoot with and I use only the best series that can be obtained.

And we also select only the best series for sale on the official Air Chrony website. So if you want pellets that meet the best possible parameters, you can buy them here. There are no bad pellets, but there are better ones among the best.

Yes, the pellet is not like a pellet, and here you will find exclusively proven series that achieve the best results from our weapons. The impact of the target is on you, we will supply you with top ammunition.

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