Brand history

The Air Chrony brand was born in 2013. Dušan Mandát, as an active shooter, recognized the potential and possibilities of using not only shooting chronographs, but also supporting equipment for accurate measurement of speed and energy of missiles.
And not only locally, but also worldwide. This vision soon proved extremely viable, and the brand's prestige grew and began to grow dynamically.
Even to the extent that the situation necessitated an extension of the implementation team. In 2017, the company Air Chrony s.r.o.  was founded, whose co - owners are Jakub Bradáč, Martin Puch and Dušan Mandát.

Quality and technology

The Air Chrony implementation team soon addressed a key problem: the current supplier of shooting chronographs was unable to meet the increasing demand, either in volume or quality.
Poor cooperation and communication with the original supplier led Air Chrony management to decide to develop, produce and sell its own original product, namely the shooting chronograph of extraordinary construction, accuracy and unquestionable quality.
The Air Chrony management team bet on the original education of its members in the field of electrical engineering and production technology and worked hard with a self-made shooting chronograph bearing the Air Chrony MK3.
This was soon complemented by another model series Air Chrony MK1, differing from the MK3 only other kind of use. Features such as perfect precision, functionality and ease of use have been retained.
In developing the shooting chronograph, Air Chrony's owners and managers also benefited from a wealth of shooting experience, as they are also world-class active shooters.
Important insights from shooting practice soon found use in the development of the prototype and the search for maximum functionality of the new product.

And what else?

Along with the development of the new chronograph and the preparation of its serial production, it was necessary to think and implement a marketing plan aimed at reaching and gaining new markets. As a result, the Air Chrony MK3 chronograph became the official chronograph of the FT World Championship in Portugal in 2016 and its quality gradually began to penetrate the markets around the world.

At Air Chrony MK3, users particularly appreciate the extraordinary accuracy, quality of workmanship, range of functions and intuitive operation. This is one of the reasons why the Air Chrony Shooting Chronograph has earned the status of a recognized chronograph at most international, national and local shooting competitions around the world.

In 2017, the Air Chrony ballistic chronograph was adopted as the official measuring device of the World Hunter Field Target Organization.

At present, Air Chrony instruments are used not only in the field of official measurement at shooting competitions, but also as a standard measuring device for adjusting the performance of air weapons and in determining ballistic coefficients of ammunition. World-class manufacturers of air and firearms and ammunition that use Air Chrony devices include renowned brands, giants such as Walther, Ceska zbrojovka, JSB Diabolo, AGN Technology and many others.

Official chronograph of the race

World Championships 2020 HFT Slovakia
World Championships 2019 HFT Poland
World Championships 2018 FT Poland
World Championships 2018 HFT Czech Republic
World Championships 2017 FT Wales
World Championships 2016 FT Portugal

European Championships 2020 HFT Hungary
European Championships 2018 FT Italy
European Championships 2017 HFT Czech Republic

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