Weltmeisterschaft 2019 in Polen

From 22 to 23 June 2019, the HFT World Championship 2019 was held in Poland near Kaleta. It was a very well organized event, the true culmination of the whole year, attended by a large group of shooters from the Czech Republic and certainly did not get lost. We won several medals individually and placed second in the competition of national representations, with only 3 points missing for gold. And what more?

Air Chrony, was an official sponsor and partner of this international event and we are very honored to have it repeatedly in the territory of Poland, which is known for top shooters and a large membership base.

Sponsor Air Chrony

All shooters had the opportunity to test their weapons at zero range before the race, where it was possible to check the speed of the missile at the official shooting chornographer Air Chrony MK3, which we provided together with professional staff.

Air Chrony championship 2019

Each shooter could learn from the screen monitor the speed of the projectile and the power of his weapon, all in metric or imperial units.

The Air Chrony MK3 was the official shooting chronograph of the 2019 World Cup, so the regularity of all gun settings throughout the race was strictly controlled. It should be noted that it was not necessary to disqualify anyone during the race because all competitors were 100% within their limits with their weapons.

Championship Poland 2019
Air Chrony World Championship 2019

In addition, the very successful championship was crowned with a quality result of Czech colors and we thank you for a great representation.

Marta Růžičková Air Chrony

Marta Ruzickova (Air Chrony)
vice-champion of the world 2019 in category women

Dušan Mandát

Dušan Mandát and Ladislav Pustai (Air Chrony)
4th and 5th place in OPEN category

Air Chrony and Czech Team

Czech National Team
2nd place in teams

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