Information for dealers

Are you interested to become our wholesale partners and subscribe to our Air Chrony products for resale or to become the authorized dealer of Air Chrony in your region?

For first contact remember to write something about yourself - what is your experience with the sale of related products, which business or service you run, what is segment ouf your customers and for which geographic would you like to sell, if you are specialized in some particular brand. We will appreciate if you include estimated turnover, targets, previous achievements etc.

Please discribe in a few words, if you own a retail, warehouse and servise spaces that you can or want to use (or already using) for customers personal collection, or if you are interested exclusively in an electronic form of sale.

Cooperating with us you get:

  • best prices of products Air Chrony
  • statute authorized dealer for your region
  • maximal technical support
  • inclusion to section distributors

Please note, that we want to made up our network of partners by professionals who know where the are going and what they want to achieve. Wholesale cooperation with no experience in the field we refuse. Likewise, we are forced to reject the company if it is in area another already established a wholesale partner.

Wholesale sales provided by the company:

Lublaňská 1731/19
120 00 Praha 2

IČ: 06196276
DIČ: CZ06196276

Dušan Mandát
Lublaňská 1731/19
120 00 Praha 2

IČ: 65742061

Contact us via email (we answer every email).

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