Below you find the most common or frequently repeated queries on Air Chrony device or its accessories.

1) How to update firmware Air Chrony MK3

Updating the firmware is very easy. Download the updated version of firmware for the shooting chronograph Air Chrony MK3 and check out our video tutorial on YouTube, where everything is clearly shown.

2) Recommended settings Air Chrony MK3

Regarding the setup, we recommend setting the distance of the targets at 5.57 and battery on 3,65V.

3) The device operates on battery power only a few minutes and then shuts down

Air Chrony is necessary to supply only high quality alkaline batteries. Energizer batteries are recommended.

4) The display after the shot shows the word "range" or "wrong shot" and shows no values

Measuring features are affected by external interference (sun, room illumination, etc.). Bring the device to more appropriate lighting conditions and repeat the measurement.

5) The display lights up, buttons work, but after the shot is not showing any values

Measuring elements are probably affected by external interference (sun, lighting, etc.). Bring the device to more appropriate lighting conditions and repeat the measurement. In most cases it is sufficient sensing diodes to move into the shade.

6) In the delivery was not the "Instruction Manual" ... Why?

To maintain reasonable prices and high quality all at the same time we sell equipment Air Chrony, provide 'Manual' exclusively electronically. Operating instructions and software Air Chrony 1.15 or 2.00 to connect to a computer you can easily download in the "Downloads" section.

7) What is the 100% quality guarantee?

In case of justified complaint Air Chrony we do not fix, but we exchange it for a new perfect piece. Guarantee of Quality, of course, does not apply to mechanical damage or other damage caused by the user. All products Air Chrony are subject to strict quality policy.

8) Where can I inquire about the wholesale cooperation?

If you are interested in wholesale cooperation, please contact us via e mail. First, however, please read the information on the wholesaler.

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