JSB EXACT pellets

Thanks to their weight, specially designed shape, perfect distribution of the center of gravity and coaxiality, JSB Diabolo - EXACT products are the best choice for shooting at long distances, both outdoor and indoor shooting. The EXACT series pellets, like all other products, undergo a careful manual output quality control. We guarantee the quality of JSB pellets, the rest of the successful intervention is up to you.

JSB Diabolo - EXACT, this is a quality standard for sports and recreational shooters of Field Target or Hunter Field Target (outdoor shooting at distances up to 50 meters), hunters and enthusiasts testing air weapons at extreme distances (up to 200 meters) and it should be noted that very successfully!

EXACTs are manufactured in a wide range of weight and diameter variants, so that they can be ideally selected for each individual weapon.
At least 90% of participants in Field Target or Hunter Field Target shooting use one of the EXACT ammunition types at world competitions.

Ammunition is tested by firing at 45 meters.

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