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Air Chrony MK3 TOP is characterized by maximum compactness and durability. The Chronograph and accessories are housed in an extremely durable case that provides excellent mechanical protection against damage or weather, and has a pressure relief valve to correct any pressure change (eg when transporting by plane).

This is the best possible protection for the ballistic chronograph from adverse weather effects and mechanical damage.

Air Chrony MK3 is the latest and most modern chronograph in the Air Chrony range of reliable devices. It features excellent measurement accuracy, high mechanical resistance, low light measurement capability, optional language mutations, and other modern technical features that competing products lack.

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Air Chrony MK3 is the latest and most modern chronograph in the Air Chrony range of reliable devices. The Shooting Chronograph Air Chrony

MK3 is a modern electronic device with excellent measurement accuracy and rightfully became the flagship of Air Chrony products.

Air Chrony MK3 is an electronic device primarily designed to measure the velocity and kinetic energy of the projectile. Air Chrony MK3 has been specially developed and tested for air guns, however, it can easily measure common small caliber firearms (air guns, airsoft, rimfire rifle, etc.).

The Air Chrony MK3 is the latest and most modern device you can buy.

Chrono allows you to measure bullet velocities up to 2000 m / s, power in Joules, average speed, maximum and minimum speed, number of shots, speed variation (consistency) etc. All in metric or imperial units that can be easily directly in the device.

Excellent measurement accuracy, the ability to measure even in low light conditions, the ability to connect to a PC via USB, the ability to display measurement results OnLine and last but not least, easy and intuitive operation make it suitable for a wide range of shooting public. Together with Air Chrony 2.00, which allows you to export your measurement results to your PC, you'll get an excellent helper for your accurate shooting.

Highlights of the Air Chrony MK3

  • high resistance to mechanical damage
  • excellent measurement accuracy
  • possibility to measure in low light conditions
  • connect to PC or MAC via USB
  • possibility to connect with mobile phone possibility to display the results of OnLine measurements on a computer monitor (especially suitable for shooting competitions, for example)
  • optional language versions (English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Swedish, Italian, Polish, Czech)
  • selectable units of measure (m / s, joule, gram or fps, fpe, grain)
  • Air Chrony 2.00 FREE software intuitive control and modern design

Package contains:

  • 1 pcs ballistic chronograph Air Chrony MK3
  • 1 pcs case for Air Chrony MK3 (460x350x175mm external dimensions)
  • 1 pcs 220V power adapter
  • 1 pcs USB connection cable
  • 1 pcs guide rail (barrel slid)
  • 1 pcs tripod
  • 1 pcs free software download

Video manual for Air Chrony MK3

Video manual for shooting chronograph Air Chrony MK3 is available for you at

EXTRACT of measurements from the calibration protocol
Air Chrony MK3, excellent choice for your accurate shooting!

* Requires fields

Damage resistance 5 out of 5
Resistance to external interference (poor lighting, lamps, IR, etc.) 4 out of 5
Weather resistance 4 out of 5
Battery operating time 7 hours
Operating frequency 40 MHz
Communication interface USB
Measurement memory 250
Bullet weight settings 0,01 - 65,00 g
Span of the measured speeds 2 - 2000 m/s
Option to switch between metric and imperial units YES
Optional switching of languages YES
Optional backlight of the displey YES
Export data to PC YES
Option to print data (measurements) YES
Online monitor output YES
Sensor goal calibration YES
Battery 3 x 1,5V AAA
External power supply YES
Type of connector for external power supply micro USB
Battery operating time 7 hours
Width 69 mm
Height 130 mm
Depth 83 mm
Size of the shooting window (W x H x D) 56 x 59 x 75 mm
Weight without batteries 640 g
Weight with batteries 670 g
Speed V [m/s] or V [fps]
Kinetic energy E [J] or E [fpe]
Bullet weight gram [g] or grain [gr]
Average kinetic energy E [asr]
Average speed V [asr]
Minimum speed V [min]
Maximum speed V [max]
Consistency dV [Vmax-Vmin]
Average consistency SV [m/s] or SV [fps]
Cadence for RPS [sec.]
Cadence for RPM [min.]
Selection of the units can be performed in order NO (adjustable the device)
Option to switch between metric and imperial units YES

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Ballistic chronograph Air Chrony MK3 TOP

Ballistic chronograph Air Chrony MK3 TOP


  • high measuring accuracy
  • proven solution
  • safe operation
  • recommended shooters


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