Ballistic chronograph Air Chrony MK1 SET


In this set you can get Air Chrony MK1 together with other accessories for a significant discount.

Ballistic chronograph Air Chrony MK1 is a modern tool intended for measuring the velocity and kinetic energy of a bullet. New model MK1 comes out from a popular model MK3 but has been modified to be mounted directly on the barrel.

Air Chrony MK1 provides an excellent measurements accuracy, high resistance to interferences, possibility to measure under bad lighting conditions, selectable menu languages and other features usually missing from competitive products.

Ballistic chronograph Air Chrony MK1 represents a high-tech device within the respective kind of measurement tools.

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Air Chrony MK1 is a ballistic chronograph intended for measuring the speed and kinetic energy of a bullet. The device comes out from popular standalone model MK3 and has been developed especially for air guns and air pistols, including airsoft and paintball. Model MK1 is mounted directly on the barrel which provides possibility to aim at the real target during the measurement.

The way how MK1 holds itself on barrel has risen to the occasion and its slid profile has been improved to settle chronograph firmly to the barrel (big attention was given to this matter during development period). Holes for belts or Velcro are available as well.

Air Chrony MK1 provides an excellent measurements accuracy, mechanical durability, high resistance to interferences, possibility to measure under bad lighting conditions, selectable menu languages, on-line connection to computer via USB and other modern features, so there is no doubt that MK1 represents a high quality Air Chrony product.

The chronograph measures bullet velocity up to 2000 m/s (6,562 - 6562 fps), energy in Joules, average velocity, maximal velocity, minimal velocity, number of shots (counter), velocity deviation (consistency), cadence and some other values. You can easily choose between metric or imperial measurement units and the language can be set directly in menu as well.

Excellent accuracy even under bad lighting conditions, USB connection, on-line results presentation and also intuitive handling predetermine Air Chrony MK1 chronograph to be utilized by a wide shooting society. Together with the appropriate Air Chrony software you get outstanding aide for you accurate shooting.

New ballistic chronograph model MK1 comes from the Air Chrony’s own production.

Key advantages of Air Chrony model MK1 SET

  • Significant discount
  • easy mounting to barrel
  • excellent measurement accuracy
  • measurements are possible even under bad lighting conditions
  • high resistance to interferences
  • USB connection to computer
  • possibility to display on-line results on the computer’s screen (useful especially in competitions)
  • selectable language (English, German, Spanish, French, Russian, Swedish, Italian, Polish, Czech) – can be set in menu
  • selectable measurement units (m/s, joule, gram or fps, fpe, grain) – can be set in menu
  • software Air Chrony for free
  • intuitive control and modern design

Package contents:

  • Ballistic chronograph Air Chrony MK1
  • Durable case (black)
  • Rubber bands for barrel mounting
  • Power supply
  • USB cable
  • Free download of the Air Chrony software

Video tutorial for Air Chrony MK1
Watch our video tutorial for Air Chrony ballistic chronograph on YouTube

Note please that tutorial dedicated to Air Chrony model MK1 is not available yet, but you can use tutorial for model MK3 because its functionality is the same.

Air Chrony MK1, quality ballistic chronograph for your accurate shooting!

* Requires fields

Damage resistance 3 out of 5
Resistance to external interference (poor lighting, lamps, IR, etc.) 4 out of 5
Weather resistance 3 out of 5
Battery operating time 7 hours
Operating frequency 40 MHz
Communication interface USB
Measurement memory 250
Bullet weight settings 0,01 - 65,00 g
Span of the measured speeds 2 - 2000 m/s
Option to switch between metric and imperial units YES
Optional switching of languages YES
Optional backlight of the displey YES
Export data to PC YES
Option to print data (measurements) YES
Online monitor output YES
Sensor goal calibration YES
Battery 3 x 1,5V AAA
External power supply YES
Type of connector for external power supply micro USB
Battery operating time 7 hours
Width 60 mm
Height 62 mm
Depth 180 mm
Size of the shooting window (W x H x D) 43 x 40 mm
Weight without batteries 210 g
Weight with batteries 240 g
Speed V [m/s] or V [fps]
Kinetic energy E [J] or E [fpe]
Bullet weight gram [g] or grain [gr]
Average kinetic energy E [asr]
Average speed V [asr]
Minimum speed V [min.]
Maximum speed V [max.]
Consistency dV [Vmax-Vmin]
Average consistency SV [m/s] or SV [fps]
Cadence for RPS [sec.]
Cadence for RPM [min.]
Selection of the units can be performed in order NO (adjustable the device)
Option to switch between metric and imperial units YES
Software free download version 2.00
Connecting cable for PC connection 1 piece
Measurement error less than 0.14 m/s
Power adapter 220V / 5V USB 1 piece
Air Chrony MK1 1 piece
Rubber band for attachment to a gun barrel 2 piece



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  • high measuring accuracy
  • proven solution
  • safe operation
  • recommended shooters


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