copy of Montáž dvoudílná 25,4mm (1")...
copy of Montáž dvoudílná 25,4mm (1")...
copy of Montáž dvoudílná 25,4mm (1")...
copy of Montáž dvoudílná 25,4mm (1")...

copy of Montáž dvoudílná 25,4mm (1") NÍZKÁ

Rifle scope Valiant Themys 4-12x40 AO HFT The development of Valiant riflescopes took place in cooperation with world-class sports shooters.

From this collaboration, a unique HFT (Hunter Field Target) intentional cross was created, which meets the strictest parameters. Within the crosshairs there is also a special "kill zone", which is designed specifically for this sport and thanks to which shooters can very effectively estimate the distance to the target, wind force and other factors leading to a successful hit. However, the intentional outline will also find its application in other shooting segments.

The Valiant Themis range of riflescopes offers the best possible value for money. Riflescopes are characterized by high-quality workshop workmanship and a beautifully clear image. The etched glass cross is extremely resistant to recoil, it is suitable for all air and firearms without caliber restrictions and thus completes the quality of processing.



Key advantages

  • small parallax error
  • increased field of view by 30%

Technical parameters

  • length 355mm (with mounted sun visor 433mm)
  • tube diameter 2.54mm (1 ")
  • lens diameter 40mm
  • field of view 295-98in

Package contains

  • 1 piece riflescope Valiant Themys 4-12x40
  • 1 piece Valiant sun visor

Air Chrony is the world's leading manufacturer of shooting chronographs and accessories. We develop, manufacture and cooperate only with the best. We can recommend the above product with a clear conscience.

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